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Post-frame construction is a fast, affordable, and reliable option for commercial operations. It offers both durability and flexibility which makes it ideal for everything from self-storage facilities to agricultural service companies.


Wide Open Spaces


One of the primary advantages of post-frame construction is that it gives you considerable flexibility for using the space without the need for additional supports or bracing. This allows you to design the workrooms, showrooms, storage rooms, and office space that your operations require without adding to the construction cost.


Exterior Finishes Abound


When most people think of post-frame construction, they think of steel sheet metal exteriors. The reality is that this is only one of the many options available. Post-frame buildings can be clad in brick, plaster, and stucco without any difficulty. This allows you to select a finish that is most reflective of the brand image you want to create.


Post-Frame Construction is Simple, Straightforward, and Affordable


Post-frame buildings don't require an additional architect to design the finished structure. This shaves considerable time and money off the project by reducing the construction time and the fees required to plan and execute the project. This minimizes the impact on your business and allows you to open your doors sooner so that your business can generate sale after sale from your new building.


Post-Frame Construction is Energy Efficient


Utilities are among the greatest expense for any commercial operation. With sufficient insulation and a solid HVAC system in place, post-frame construction is highly effective at keeping gas and electric bills from rising through the roof. This creates a long-term cost-savings that will add up each and every year you are in business.


Post-Frame Buildings Create Long-Term Flexibility


It is natural for commercial business to change and evolve over time. Post-frame construction makes it easy to remodel your space as the years go by and the needs of your business change. Whether you need to add a new door, expand the size of a workroom, or carve office space out of a storeroom, it's not hard to do because post-frame buildings are designed to evolve with your business.


Commercial Uses of Wood Pole Barns


When someone hears the term wood pole barn, they often picture a red barn, filled with horse stalls and piles of hay. It is true. Pole barns can function as a traditional barn space. However, they can also do much more. They are structures, complete with enclosed walls and ceilings, that offer both electricity and plumbing. Built on a concrete foundation, they offer a solid flooring surface many barns don't have. They can be custom tailored into many floor plans and configurations. The versatility of wood pole barns makes them useful additions to many commercial operations. Commercial Uses of Pole Barns.....


Commercial Business Designs


Take a moment to picture what you want your customers or clients to see as they drive up to your business. Is it in a cookie-cutter commercial space that looks like every other? Or is it a custom building that reflects your company's unique brand and style? If it is the latter, you definitely need to think about hiring a commercial building designer.....


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