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Commercial Uses of Wood Pole Barn


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When someone hears the term wood pole barn, they often picture a red barn, filled with horse stalls and piles of hay. It is true. Pole barns can function as a traditional barn space.


However, they can also do much more. They are structures, complete with enclosed walls and ceilings, that offer both electricity and plumbing. Built on a concrete foundation, they offer a solid flooring surface many barns don't have. They can be custom tailored into many floor plans and configurations. The versatility of wood pole barns makes them useful additions to many commercial operations.


Commercial Uses for Wood Pole Barns


Covered parking for company vehicles.


Your work vehicles are essential to your business. Why should you park them in the hot sun when you are not using them? A pole barn provides shelter from the elements, protecting them from hail and the UV rays that fade paint. It offers an extra layer of security against robbers or vandals.


Workshop space.


Do you repair appliances, electronics, or other products? A pole barn makes an effective workshop space. You can configure the interior space to your needs and have plenty of room to spread out. You can build in storage room so that you have any parts or tools immediately on hand.




Commercial storefront space can be expensive in some areas or non-existent in others. A wood pole barn is a cost-effective solution for both situations. You can customize the floor layout, adding storage and office space where needed. Install storefront windows and doors and your business is ready to open.


Office space.


Commercial office space can be even more expensive than storefronts. Creating an office within a pole barn is both cost-effective and memorable. Your customers will definitely remember your business when they pull up next to a pole barn to make a visit.


Gathering spot.


If you hold conferences, host parties, or teach seminars, you routinely need access to a large gathering space. It can get quite expensive to rent these spaces frequently. Building your own space using pole barn construction would allow you to customize the layout and design, while keeping your costs in check. Plus, when you are not using it, you can rent it out to others.


Wood pole barns have much to offer to commercial operations. If you are interested in learning more, contact the experts at T.L. Rich Construction today.

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