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Take a moment to picture what you want your customers or clients to see as they drive up to your business. Is it in a cookie-cutter commercial space that looks like every other? Or is it a custom building that reflects your company's unique brand and style? If it is the latter, you definitely need to think about hiring a commercial building designer.


To keep costs down, and to give you the greatest number of options, your designer may recommend going with a post-frame building.


What Your Customers Will Encounter


As your customers drive up to your building, they will see a building dedicated to your business and your business alone. You won't be just be the fifth building in the commercial park. Your sign will be prominently displayed at the roadside, with a drive that leads into your private parking lot.


You can have a receptionist greet your customers in the lobby and offer them a cup of coffee. Then, you can bring them back, through your custom office space, to the conference room to discuss their project.


Or, your customers can walk into your display floor where you offer them a glimpse of what your company has to offer. You can highlight new products or options.


Or, your customers make walk into your storefront space, where you display the goods that you sell directly to the public.


How Your Business Benefits


You can see how a custom building would impress your customers. But, what can it do for your business?


Completely customizable space. The way you use the building is completely dependent on what business functions you need to cover. Do you need a workshop? Garage? Storefront space?


Office space? Storage for product? It is all possible with post-frame constructions.


Cost-effective. Traditional commercial construction can be quite expensive. Post-frame construction has a lower cost without compromising on space and configuration needs.


Time-saving. Post-frame construction can be completed in a fraction of the time it would take to complete a traditional commercial project.


Branding your business. Because the space is completely yours, you can leverage it to market your business. From the colors on the exterior to what you put on the walls, you can make your new commercial building reflect your company's brand and ethos.


T.L Rich Construction offers commercial building designer services along with post-frame construction. Give them a call today.

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